Google Drive App Joins on Playstore Billion of Peoples Installs

Google Drive App Joins Billions of peoples in these years.
Google Drive no need an introduction it,s google products and released data of this app is April-27-2011

in android mobile phones, Google Drive automatically installs because the android operating system owner is google. but you need to update them to use. google drive give you some 15GB free storage if you need more storage you need to pay for the premium version to get more storage.

Google Drive App Joins on Playstore Billion of Peoples Installs

it,s easy to use you can store your personal data online in google drive this drive is 100% safe and secure because it,s google app.
When google drive released into the internet market it received awesome attention. Google Drive gain 5 billion downloads in the play store in this list of top app stand out google chrome, Gmail, facebook also have billion of download but google drive have come in competition.
many android apps gain billion of installing also google drive lucky gain these numbers. if you don,t have storge in your phone you need google drive just store your personal data in your drive and you can download them any time in the feature.
i am also using this app form some year and i save my personal data because sometimes you lost phone or mistakenly delete them but you can recover them with your online google drive account
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