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Oops With This Tricks Hackers are Easily Hijacking Now Secure your Whatsapp Account

Amid a Coronavirus epidemic, when most of the people are in quarantine and work/study at home, it is clear that the use of messaging services like WhatsApp is increasing worldwide. And with more use, the risk of being hit by fishermen and scammers increases.

That said, a WhatsApp hack that has been making headlines for almost a year has not only returned but has grown exponentially. This trick makes it very easy for hackers to explain their victims.

So what really happens is that when you install the WhatsApp you get a six-digit code (the number used to create a WhatsApp account) via SMS. Entering this code triggers your account. How hackers use this method for their own behaviour, they use a hacked account (WhatsApp or Facebook) to send a message to the affected friend.

Pretending Victim

The assailant “pretending to be the victim” then explained to a friend that he was having trouble getting a six-digit code. So they had to “opt-in” to send the code to their friend. This code is basically a friend’s Whatsapp verification code! When they tell the code to the attacker, their account is tampered with.


Although a hacker can’t recover messages from a backup, he or she will be able to access groups that have been victimized as well as receive new messages. So how can you protect yourself from such an attack? It’s really easy. To get started, don’t send anyone a six-digit code, no matter what they say. But even if you have already done so, there is one solution that will protect you from this attack.

You should know that when setting up your WhatsApp account, the six-digit code received in the form of an SMS is sent through the messaging service itself. In addition, the WhatsApp allows you to configure up to six-digit codes for added security. The PIN code and verification code are different and you shouldn’t be confused between the two.

To use “two-step verification”, you can find this option in “Account” in Settings. You can create it quickly. This lets you save your email address. Whenever you change your phone or most of the time using the app, you will be asked to enter a zip code.

In other words, this verification method requires you to enter a six-digit PIN code after your (or someone else’s) attempt to verify the WhatsApp number. This means that the hacker has no way to carry out the attack by entering the six-digit code sent via SMS.

Also, if you fell in love with this hacking attack, re-install WhatsApp and request the activation code. This will help you to recover your account, but it may take some time. When you access your account, quickly set up a six-digit code and protect your app from further attacks.

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