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Islamabad Postal Zip Code | Islamabad Federal Capital Area

Islamabad postal code: now Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan assigned the postal codes is very important it,s  city post address to send something to other receivers.lessen miss sending of the mail, hurried & post later to sort.  now in this post me just given you below the list of Islamabad city, all areas, town postal codes/Zip codes & colony. So you check the list and find the postal code of your area. Postal Codes. now reader Here is the complete area list of Postal Codes of Islamabad’s, town & colony. the zip, postal Code uses for the sending letter post to any address in Islamabad city Pakistan.

Islamabad postal code

islamabad postal code
Islamabad postal code

now you can get help form this table of postal area codes Mention all Places Zip/Postal Codes which are in Islamabad Capital territory now choose the Exact area Postal code & sent Courier, Exact area postal code result in Immediate Delivery.

Area /Colony/ Town
Postal Code

Pakistan Islamabad G.P.O 44000
Pakistan Islamabad Rewat 45900
Pakistan Islamabad Cabinet Block 44030
Pakistan Islamabad Shah Allah Ditta 45220
Pakistan Islamabad Federal Board 44320
Pakistan Islamabad Sihala 45750
Pakistan Islamabad Quaid-E-Azam University 45320
Pakistan Islamabad Model Town Humak 45700
Pakistan Islamabad Sohan 45740
Pakistan Islamabad Pakistan Town ( Korang Town) 45720
Pakistan Islamabad Tarlai Kalan 45550
Pakistan Islamabad Rawal Town 45510

Pakistan Islamabad Bahria Town 46220

Islamabad postal code Post Office

What is Postal Code How it,s Help 

Now Postal code is the area code and post office code.

Example: you want to send something to someone then you must insert postal code near post office it goes fast to a receiver and it,s also help to find the exact address of a receiver. which city you currently leaving you must found near the post office and the code of near post office branch
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