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Jazz Internet 3G/4G Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz Internet Packages get a best mobilink Jazz net Packages on your sim. jazz is giving 3G/4G daily, weekly and monthly packages to their customers you can activate any one package according to your requirements. so look up on our post and know about jazz internet packages how to activate them on your 3G/4G sim and enjoy fastest speed internet.

Jazz Daily Internet Package

are you looking for jazz daily net package then we collect best packages for you. so you can choose jazz one day internet package according to your requirements.
  1. Daily Social Package Rs:7 (200MB) fb and whatsapp Dial *114*5#
  2. Daily Browser Rs:11.99 (50MB) Dial *117*11#
  3. Hourly Extreme internet Rs:20 (2GB) for 2 hours Dial *846#
  4. Daily Whatsapp + SMS Rs:7 (10MB + 1800 SMS) Dial *334#
  5. Daily Peak-Off Rs:24 (1.1GB for (2:00 AM/PM) Dial *117*4#

Jazz 3 Day Internet Package

are you looking best jazz 3 day internet packages for your self so this packages is most using by mobilink jazz user,s so come in this list jazz 3 day 4G net packages. activation method and prices lis listed below so check them.
  1. Jazz 3 Day Internet Package Rs:25 (100MB) Validity 3 day Just Dial *117*1#
  2. Jazz 3 Day Extreme net Rs:18 (500MB) Validity ( usable only 2am to 2pm ) Just Dial *114*14#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

i think Jazz Weekly Internet Package is perfect offer for any one. enjoy Jazz 4G internet for one week without any tention. so mobilink jazz weekly internet is support on all 2G/3G/4G devices no need to do any setting if your device support 4G so your internet run super fast speed with jazz and enjoy for one week. jazz have to many packages for weekly so don,t confuse all activation codes, unsub codes and prices details given listed.
  1. Weekly Plus Rs:210 total data 12GB (6GB only form 2AM-2PM) Validity (7days) Dial *157#
  2. Weekly Extreme Rs:75 (2.5GB only useable 2AM to 2PM) Validity (9days) Dial *117*14#
  3. Weekly Mega Rs:200 7GB 4G Jazz Internet Validity (7Days) Dial *159#
  4. Weekly Mega Plus Rs:260 Amount of data 20GB (10GB 2AM-2PM usable) Validity (7days) Dial *453#
  5. Weekly Premium Rs:150 3GB 4G Jazz Internet Validity (7Days) *117*47#
  6. Jazz Weekly Streamer Rs:99 1GB Validity (7days) *117*7#
  7. Jazz Weekly Youtube Rs:80 5GB 4G Youtube Video Data Validity (7days) *570#
  8. Weekly Social Rs:60 (Facebook, Whatsapp & IMO) 5GB Validity 7 days *660#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages (4G)

so in jazz monthly internet package is heavy data volume and jazz monthly net packages is some costly but one month tention free enjoy jazz net package monthly whole month. so jazz have different packages and different prices so we clear your dotes which package is best for you all packages data volume and price is listed below jazz internet packages monthly.
  1. Jazz Monthly Extreme Package Rs:125 (5GB) 30days (2AM-2PM) Dial *117*34#
  2. Jazz Monthly Supreme Package Rs:900 (20GB 10GB 2AM-2PM)  Dial *117*32#
  3. Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Rs:610 (12GB & 6GB Form 2AM to 2PM) Dial *117*30#
  4. Jazz Monthly Mega Package Rs:380 (8GB & 4GB 2AM- 2PM) Dial *117*31#
  5. Jazz Monthly Browser Package Rs:215 (4GB & 2GB 2AM-2PM) Dial *117*77#
so jazz monthly internet packages all details is given listed upside so you can take information how to activate and prices.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

have you listed in Mobilink jazz postpaid customer so don,t worry today i am going to share with you the best jazz monthly internet packages? so just activate any one package re guiding to your needs.

  1. Monthly Ultimate Package Rs:2200 (50 GB Internet Data) 30 days Dial *446#
  2. Monthly Super Package Rs:1200 (24 GB Internet Data) 30 days Dial *446#
  3. Monthly Supreme Package Rs:800 (14 GB Internet Data) 30 days Dial *446#
  4. Monthly Premium Package Rs:500 (5 GB Internet Data) 30 days Dial *446#
  5. Monthly Streamer Package Rs:250 (2 GB Internet Data) 30 days Dial *446#
So i am collect all jazz monthly internet packages for you for 3G/4G customers user prepaid and postpaid you can activate any packages according to your requirements.
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