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New Hike Dares Messages

In this post, i am sharing with you New Hike Dares Messages best and new collection you can use for Whatsapp or in  SMS with friends and other new Hike Dares Messages Questions & Answers.

so collect from here these dares and share with friends, family husband, wife, brother, sister, Kazan, boyfriend, girlfriends, etc. send them this new interesting Hike Dares Questions and Answers and gets interesting answers.

On the internet, many hikes dares messages available but this is updated and new or also this is with answers. so read it down below can and take it which one you like
Whatsapp dare messages or choose any  Hike Dares game.

New Hike Dares Messages Games

Choose a number figure. after this, i will send you Answer about your personality {Hike Dares}

7596: Romantic
5465: Full of Attitude
2868: Energetic
3265: Naughty
8894: Talkative
0268: Caring
6454: Pretty
7861: Selfish
4692: Boring
7413: Cute
1584: Beautiful
5156: Private
5698: Strong

Hike Questions Answers Games

you have to answer me these Q? in just 5 Minutes
Your partner’s name
Describe me in a singing mod
Your biggest fear
What is your bad habit
Can you’re a romantic person
Your best friend’s name
Your relationship status
your life biggest secret,s
what is your opinion about me
can i update status your answers?

Dares Games For Hike

Select one word between A-Z then i will send you  dares to complete
Plz Choose CareFully
Are You Ready to Answer?
A: A nickname for me?
B: Your talent that nobody knows about?
C: One word about describes me
D: Where we first time meet
E: Chat with me for 15 minutes
F: Tell me your crush name
G: Send a pic of your crush
H: Your felling about me
I: What you want to change in my attitude?
J: What I am to yours
K: Which dress suit me?
L: Send me your cutest photo
M: Do you trust me?
N: How do we meet?
O: Write my name on your status
P: What your secret?
Q: My name on your Contact List
R: Your wild fantasy
S: Send me a selfie of what you’re doing now
T: Rate my DP out of 100
U: First impression when you saw me first
V: Do a favor on me
W: What would you want our relation to be?
X: Tell me your GF/BF name
Y: Call me now
Z: Write my name on your Story Status

Whatsapp Dare Messages New Hike Dares Games (Foody Games)

Veg Biryani
Panner Kabab
Chicken Tandoori
Answer List :
Biryani: Romantic person
Veg Biryani: Selfish
Kabab: Positive person
Panner Kabab
Burger: Boring
Pasta: Crush
Sweet: Timepass
Sabzi: Good friend
Nihari: Addict to me
Chicken Tandoori
Pizza: Romantic person
Just choose an alphabet from A to Z
A: What am I to you?
B: Ice cream treat
C: What you like the most in me
D: Why don’t take a bath today
E: Make your partner pic as your profile picture
F: Delete your partner number
G: I can’t live without you, I love you
H: Write my name in you,r Whatsapp status for 24hours
I: tell me your GF/BF name
J: send me your Childhood photo
K: Who was your first crush
L: give.me a tight hug
M: give me a food party
N: send me a video of you telling me (I love you)
O: ice cream party
P: Record a short clip about me and upload status
Q: Tell me why u love me
R: long drive
S: tell me your Life biggest secret,s
T: ask me i love u too much
U: Go shopping with me
V: send me your current time pic
W: recharge my phone
X: block me on Whatsapp
Y: Share with me the stupidest Work you did in your life
Z: send a pic of your crush

Whatsapp Dare Question and Answers

Choose Your Favorite Color?
Answer List:
Purple: What is in your mind right now share with me
White: Say I Love You in a voice
Red: Tell me your deepest secret
Black: Call me Right Now
Yellow: Ask a neighbor for Cup of Tea
Orange: Change your WhatsApp DP to my Dp
Blue: Don,t Come online on Whatsapp for one day
Violet: Share with me the most important person for you?
Green: what you think about me?

WhatsApp Puzzle Games (Questions and Answers)

ten things people post see daily in their life. you have just 10 minutes for these ten questions rearrange the spellings and give me answer {hike dares}
1: obok
2: Mrriro
3: Kwlaoclcl
4: Hgulisnt
5: Edtbhees
6: Gelincafin
7: Cemrsenlboei
8: Hsaptawp
9: Rlrgsmaorsi
10: Cbeofoka
Right Answers:⬇
1: Book
2: Mirror
3: Wall Clock
4: Sunlight
5: Bedsheet
6: Ceiling Fan
7: Mobile screen
8: Whatsapp
9: Mirror Glass
10: Facebook

Dare Games for WhatsApp

hike dares games are so interesting game for peoples this game make interest in peoples.
i am sharing with you this best dare game just share this with your other friends and relatives and get their options
Dare Game: Select any one phone function form the list i will share you what is meaning of this you selecting this is about your life partner {Hike Dares}
1: Apps
2: Camera
3: Messaging
4: Calls
Apps: Caring and Loving Person
Camera: Irritating
Messaging: Selfish and Boring
Calls: Deep Thinker and Romantic

Settings: Bold and Very Talkative

Whatsapp Dares Naughty Games

Select one your lucky word (Whatsapp Naughty Dares) i will send you soon answers what that means
“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, “F”, “G”, “H”, “I”, “J”, “K”, “L, “M”, “N”, “O”, “P”, “Q”, “R”, “S”, “T”, “U”, “V”, “W”, “X, “Y”, “Z”
Choose Your Favorite Alphabet and Replay Fast?
Answer List:
A: Treat me
B: Recharge my phone
C: Ignore me
D: who am I for You
E:  How do you describe me
F: what thing you like about me
G: Like and comment on my latest Dp
H: say i love you to your teacher
i: tell me your deep secret
J: Delete My Number form your contact list
K: who am I for You
L: What is your feeling about me
M: the bad thing about me
N: share your first crash name
O: update my selfie in your Whatsapp status
P: make my selfie as your DP profile for 24 hour
Q: delete your FB account
R: talk with me for 10 minutes
S: send me video clip and say to me (i love you)
T: rate my self (1 to 10)
U: send your selfie right now what you doing?
V:  describe me in 5 lines
W: who i am for you
X: write my name in your status with heart emoji
Y: don,t talk to anyone on Whatsapp
Z: tell me your secret

so dear readers here we share new hike dares games messages. every day many peoples are using social apps and spend many hours on social now today i am sharing unique Whatsapp dare games with you.

some of our friends are not with us that’s why we can not play with them but we can share with them these digital dare games and enjoy these beautiful moments.
you can find the best hike dares games and messages for Whatsapp and now share with friends and get unique answers and give him dare games. Try it now.

so dear readers, i know sometimes we fell irritated and boring then you must try these hike dares games and share with your Whatsapp and Facebook friends and get amazing answers and enjoy them.

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