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75 Space Puns: Out of This World A Collection of Astronomical

Space puns can be out of this world! From galaxies far away to the depths of the universe, these puns will make you laugh from the moon and back. Some of the best space jokes are “What did one asteroid say to the other?

Let’s get together and make a space station!” and “What do you call an alien rock band? The intergalactic!” These puns are exceptional.

Best Space Puns

  • You are out of this universe!
  • Our love is written in the stars!
  • You are out of this world!
  • Our love is a starry-eyed affair!
  • You are a supernova of love to me!
  • You’ve captured my heart like a black hole!
  • I’m head over stellar-eclipses for you!
  • Our love is written in the constellations!
  • My heart orbits around you!
  • I’m totally meteored over you!
  • You are the apple of my supernova!
  • I’m in a galaxy of love with you!
  • You make my heart go supernova!
  • I’m over the moon for you!
  • I’m all a-quasar about you!
  • You are the comet of my dreams!
  • I’m orbiting your world!
  • You are my sun and my moon!
  • You are my satellite of love!
  • Our love is a cosmic connection!
  • You are my Astro-mate!
  • I’m celestial-ly in love with you!
  • I’m starstruck by you!
  • Our love is a cosmic collision!
  • You light up my universe!

Funny Space Puns

  • I need more space
  • You rock my world
  • Jupiter recognize!
  • I’ve over the moon for you
  • Comet me, bro
  • It’s just a phase
  • You’re my whole universe
  • It’s not that Sirius, bro
  • You’re out of this world
  • Get outer my space
  • You’re a blast
  • I need my space
  • Shuttle up
  • You’ve abducted my heart

Space Puns One Liner

  • How did the astronaut feel after the flight? Out of this world!
  • I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!
  • What did the spaceship say when it crashed into the asteroid?
  • I had to put my astronaut friend in time-out: He was being too “spacey”.
  • I’m so sorry for the delay in my project launch. I got caught in a black hole.
  • I asked the aliens for a lift, but they were just interstellar-gazed.
  • What did the alien say when it saw the Earth? “Take me to your leader!
  • I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down!
  • Why don’t astronauts play cards in space? The cards float away!
  • After a long day exploring the galaxy, I’m finally home, star.

Space Pun Jokes

  • What did the alien say when it saw the sun?
    “It’s so bright!”
  • Why don’t astronauts play cards in space?
    “Because the cards keep floating away!”
  • What did the astronaut say when he saw a UFO?
    “Take me to your leader!”
  • How did the alien say goodbye?
    “Take me out of this world!”
  • What did the aliens say when they landed on the moon?
    “We come in peace!”
  • Why did the alien cross the galaxy?
    “To get to the other side.”
  • What did the astronaut say when he saw a black hole?
    “That’s one big hole!”
  • What did the astronaut say when he saw a meteor shower?
    “Wow, what a show!”
  • Why don’t aliens wear hats?
    “Because the gravity is too strong!”
  • What did the astronaut say when he saw a shooting star?
    “Whoa, look at that!”

Final Words

That’s all about the space puns you are looking for. We shared “puns on space.” I hope this collection is perfect for you and your search is completed after coming to our blog post. Thanks for reading; see you soon.

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