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Start a WordPress Website with Bluehost for Beginner Guide

Create New Website and it,s a platform where you can share your knowledge & you can also make money from it. Now in this post I am discussed with you how to start a new website with Bluehost. Start the new website with Bluehost and create content on it and make money.

Do you want to earn online with a website😊😊

Do you Want to Start New We now, this simple short post will help you on how to start your new website. and you also hire me for your website I will create your new website but I will charge form you. I will create your new website and design.
now okay we are going to the next step

This Post is Now Help You create a new website completely

Select a Website Niche

What is Website Niche?
Now Website Niche is Which Category You Want to create a post, news, tech, blog gadgets, etc. and also select your niche topic domain because it helping for SEO

Choose a Perfect Domain Name

now choose the domain name. what is the domain name it,s your website address people will visit from the domain example: iAMHJA.COM
it,s very important to select the perfect domain. first research about that what is your niche which topic you want to write if you want to write about tech so must try to get a techy domain name.
  • Get Bluehost WordPress Hosting
The blue hosting is best. because the blue hosting rating is good form all the worldwide hosting provider companies.
  • Install WP on Bluehost Hosting
Now connect the blue hosting to your website and get the admin of the website

Write your first Website Post
How to Drive Traffic
Free Powerful Blogging Tools
How to Make Money from the website

Bluehost website builder guide for beginner

Now the website is your online landing page where people land. you create their post share some knowledge with people and people visit your website you also place ads, affiliate links, advertised, much more you have freedom on your website. form website you can make real money form website/blog.

Why Start a Website on Bluehost Hosting?

Now BlueHost is the Most popular hosting in the world. and we check which hosting is popular in the world. now I am check test on google trends now the top web hosting is blue hosting. now see the images graf the blue hosting is popular from other. now it,s prof the blue hosting is best✔✔🐱‍🚀
Purchase Hosting: 30%(Bluehost)Off
Start a Wordpress Website with Bluehost for Beginner Guide 1

Now See this Graff the Popularity of Blue Hosting all the worldwide. now blue hosting is the most used hosting in the world many worldwide people are now using blue hosting. because I am analytics all hosting traffics and review and also wordpress.org is also recommended the blue hosting WordPress is trusted on blue hosting.

Start a Wordpress Website with Bluehost for Beginner Guide 2

Profits of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

  • Best Budget Hosting (36 months – $2.65/month)
  • A Free Domain Name (for 12 months)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 2.1 Million Website Already using Bluehost
  • 24/7 Customer Support that good
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • and also recommended by WordPress

Select Website Topic

Now the first step is to choose your niche topic. that’s mean which categories of your blog you want to create posts. what you want and which topic you cover on your Website,
now from this article, I will help you I have experience in this field.
what does niche mean?
Blogging Tips💻, Fashion✨✨, Travel🚗✈🌏, Health Blog💪, Beauty💋
Now Get let’s Start the new website with blue hosting with your niche topic

Decide the Domain Name for your website

the domain name is very important for the website. a domain is the URL of your website people can visit from your URL link on your website and land on your website
which domain you choose my suggestion is to choose the niche domain it,s helpful for SEO in website ranking

A name is Not making a Brand name, your hard works, content, and services make your brand name

Get your WordPress Hosting Plane

Now here are many types of Bluehost, now choose the best hosting plan for your website.also blue hosting different packages to have different advantages benefits. now choose the blue hosting plane according to your blog and your budget. blue hosting providing 3 types of hosting choose the best plan as you want
Start a Wordpress Website with Bluehost for Beginner Guide 3

Basic Hosting Plan is now ($2.65/month for 36 Months)

now the basic plan is now best for website beginners, now you are going to host only one website, now that best and recommended plan for u. now from a basic plan you get 50GB of website Space. that huge for a website.
now form blue hosting you also get a free domain name and also many other features like free SSL, Bluehost security, auto-updates, free site move.

Plus/Choice Plus Hosting Plan(Low Rate,s/month)e

now both plans plus & choice plan has the same price in Lost rate,s for Month. of course, you get the choice plan that has come with many features at the same prices.
in the choice plan, you get almost host unlimited website and with unlimited disk space

Get a Free Domain Name

if you purchase Bluehost you will get a free domain name for 1year. down below search your domain name and grab the deal.

Bluehost now also gives you a free domain name. so now choose the domain name for your website.if you don,t have a domain name now choose the new domain name and check it,s available? if it, now available😢😢 because it also someone already get the domain name. try another one!

okay, can you have already a domain name just enter it and enter the domain nameservers? you also start the website with Bluehost hosting with your domain name

Enter your Account Information

now start a website with blue hosting now enter your personal information.
now enter right information it,s stored in blue hosting, it,s helpful for you in features
blue hosting
Now Purchased the best hosting and next installed the WordPress and connect your domain and design your website with SEO friendly themes
and write your first website post now your website is ready.
Note: you can facing any Problem with a website just hire me I will make your website and design any type of website I am an expert. just go to the contact us page and email me
now the final word I hope this article is helpful for you just comment below with your suggestion.
any other questions.
now purchased bluehosing Here with my discount link.
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