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What to look for when you decide to move to assisted living

Once your children have all grown up and flown the nest, it is the perfect time to think about downsizing and enjoying your freedom. One option is to move into an assisted living complex, where like-minded individuals create a unique community that not only offers beautiful and spacious accommodation but also allows you access to facilities and services you may otherwise not find.

Here we’ve listed some of the most important aspects to consider when deciding where to move.

Range of activities on offer

One of the most important things to consider when looking into assisted living is the range of activities and classes on offer. As you get older, the importance of staying fit and busy is paramount to staying both physically and mentally active. Studies have shown that when people continue to lead active lives, their health is more long term, and quality of life is also higher than those of their sedentary counterparts.

If you are not as mobile as you used to be, the same applies in terms of mental well-being. Becoming a part of a book club, for example, is not only a great way to improve cognitive function, but also a fantastic opportunity to meet and socialize with new friends.

The standard of facilities

This one is dependent on what you require but assisted living facilities may be much higher spec than you first imagine. For many people, the pull of this way of life is intricately woven with the ease in which you have access to facilities such as pools, a gym, and even chef-cooked meals in bespoke restaurants.

We recommend taking a detailed tour of assisted living San Diego to really gauge the huge attractiveness of its space. We can pretty much guarantee that it will feel like you’re immersed in a five-star resort.

Medical care

For peace of mind, you will want to make sure that any medical needs you have (or
anticipate in the future) are fully met by qualified professionals. Whether this is a simple requirement such as administering medication, or more complex needs that one might have while living with dementia, for example, assisted living can provide all the help and support imaginable for contented living.

Outside grounds

Five-star facilities and activities aren’t the only things to consider when choosing your next home, particularly if you enjoy being out in the fresh air or at one with nature.

By choosing somewhere that has beautifully landscaped grounds, you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet at your convenience.

Pet friendly

Anyone who has ever owned a pet understands that they truly become a part of the family when they come to live with us. They not only provide companionship but also comfort and love, with no ulterior motive.

So it goes without saying that this could well be a barrier in your mind when you’re thinking about assisted living; where would your pet go when you move? However, in some assisted living facilities, this is not so much a barrier, and more like a huge reason to go. Pet-friendly accommodation is becoming more and more popular, and rightly so!

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