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Zong Internet Packages {Daily, Weekly & Monthly} 4G Data Pkg

Zong is the fastest 4G data provider network, so basically zong has different packages if you need is daily then you can activate zong daily internet package, so if you need is zong weekly internet package then you can activate weekly zong package, and the last one is zong monthly internet package if your need is monthly and you want tension free for one month then you can subscribe and activate.
zong net packages are the 4G speed they care customers needs, if you have zong sim and device then zong has different packages i will try my best to cover all details in my article you can read them and which package is you need just click on a table on content

Zong Internet Packages All Details and Activation

zong is Pakistani network and lunch in Pakistan in 2008, so zong has become the fastest internet provider network and he gets millions of people in just a few years. we will give you all the information about Zong Internet Packages, after reading our article your all problem solve how to activate zong net pkg on your sim. so zong has different activation codes bases on daily, weekly, monthly 3monthy/6month.
so zong has 3G package and zong 4g packages if you activate 4G then you will get a batter speed. if you are gamer then zong is best for you because with zong you will get a good ping and no one call you a boot.

Zong Daily Internet Package

if your need is only for 24 hours, then Zong daily net package is best for you to activate the zong net package daily. so they have many zong day time offer we will give you all the information in our article. Daily Basic package price is Rs:17 you will get up to 100MB data net on your sim offer will expire after activation Midnight the same day just dial *6464# to activate this offer.

Zong Net Daily Basic

so your need is only some basic and low then you can subscribe to this bundle. zong net daily basic price is only Rs:17 and you will get 100MB 4G speed net this data will expire the same day at midnight just dial *6464# to activate this offer on your sim.
  • Daily Basic
  • Package price is Rs:17 + tax.
  • Volume 100MB
  • Duration midnight the same day.
  • Activation Code *6464#
  • Automatically expires.


Daily BasicPriceActivation
100MBRS:17Dial *6464#


Zong Net Daily Data Max

so if you are a lover of watching videos then zong net daily data max is for you. this bundle price is Rs:38 and you will get 500MB internet volume and 500MB youtube video data to watch your favourite videos so if you want to subscribe then just dial *6464#
  • Daily Data Max
  • Package price is Rs:38 + tax.
  • Volume 500MB & 500MB for YouTube video.
  • Duration midnight the same day.
  • Just dial *6464# to activate.
  • Automatically expires.


Daily Data MaxPriceActivation
1500MB, 500MB for YouTubeRS:38Dial *6464#


Zong Day Time Offer

zong day time offer after listening name you can understand this package is day time useable if you subscribe this package any time but it,s automatically expire after 7PM you will get 1200MB data on your sim type “DTO” & send to 6464 if you want to unsub then type “Unsub DTO” and send to 6464
  • Package price is Rs:16 + tax.
  • Volume 1200MB
  • Expire at 7 PM
  • Type “DTO” and send it to 6464
  • Type “unsub dto”& send it to 6464.


Zong Day Time OfferPriceActivation
1200MBRS:16Type “DTO” and send it to 6464 / Type “unsub dto” and send it to 6464


Zong Good Night offer

so zong good night offer is for late-night internet users, you will get 1.2GB 4G speed internet on your sim at Rs:16 rupees. if you want to subscribe then type “GNO and send to 6464 and if you want to unsub this bundle type “unsub GNO” and send to 6464
  • Package price is Rs:16.
  • Volume 2.5GB.
  • Expires at 9 AM.
  • Type ”GNO” and send it to 6464.
  • Type “unsub GNO and send it to 6464.


Zong Good Night offerPriceActivation
2.5GBRS:16Type”GNO” and send it to 6464 / Type “unsub GNO and send it to 6464


Zong All In One Daily Net Pkg

so if you need is to use the internet, make a call and SMS then zong all in one package is best for you. this package price is Rs:25 you will get 40MB internet, 40 0n-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes and 400 SMS on all networks. if you want to activate this offer just dial *6464#
  • Package price is Rs:25
  • 40MB, 40 Off-net minutes, 40 On-net Minutes, 400 SMS
  • Expire in 24 Hours.
  • Just dial *6464#
  • Automatically expires.

Zong Weekly Internet Package

so zong have different offer for their customers weekly bases. they always try to improve their packages and prices to introduce affordable internet bundles for their own subscribers. so weekly bundle come with heavy GB and fast speed, they offer many types of a zong super weekly max etc.

Zong Super Weekly Internet Package Offer

so zong super weekly internet package is only for zong internet user, you will get only high volume internet 2500 MB only with Rs:124 this data is useable for 7 days 24 hours if you want to activate just dial *6464#
  • Super Weekly Offer
  • Package Price is Rs:124
  • Volume Data 2.5GB
  • Duration 7 days.
  • To activate just dial *6464#
  • Automatically expire after 7 days.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package

so i am recommended zong super weekly plus internet package, this package is some high rates but you will get 4GB extra up to Rs:40 then not go with zong super weekly. so subscribe super weekly plus Package price is Rs:164 you will get 7GB 4G internet on your sim.
  • Super Weekly Plus
  • Package Price is Rs:164
  • 7GB 4G speed internet.
  • Validity 7 days.
  • Dial *20# to subscribe.
  • Automatically expire after 7 days.

Zong Super Weekly Max Internet Package

the best package ever zong super weekly max you will get 25GB internet and 5GB form 4am to 4pm, 10GB youtube and 10GB for 24 hours package price is Rs:200 + tax.
  • Super Weekly Max
  • Bundle price is 200 + tax.
  • 25GB ( 5GB for 4 AM to 4 PM, 10GB for 24 hours, 10GB for YouTube).
  • Validity 7 days.
  • Dial *220# to subscribe.
  • Validity 7 days after subscription.

Zong Shandaar Weekly Internet Package

this package price is Rs:85 you will get up to 350MB 4G speed internet [50 of-net minutes, 1000 on-net minutes and 1000 SMS on all networks. this data will expire in 7 days just dial *7# to activate this package.
  • Zong Shandaar Weekly Offer
  • Package price Rs:85 + tax.
  • 350MB internet data 4G.
  • 50 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, 1000 On-net minutes.
  • expire after 7 days.
  • Dial *7#

Zong all in one weekly internet package

so the best offer form “zong all in one weekly” after listing name you can understand you will get everything in one single package. this bundle price is Rs:200 and you will get 1GB internet on your sim plus 1000 on-net minutes, 40 of-net minute and 1000 SMS on all networks just dial *6464# to subscribe to this bundle. 
  • All-in-1 Weekly
  • Offer price is Rs:200 + tax.
  • Internet data 1000MB.
  • 1000 On-net minutes, 1000 SMS, 40 Off-net minutes.
  • Dial *6464#
  • Automatically expire after 7 days.

Zong Haftawar Load Offer Internet Package

if you subscribe to this bundle then no need any more tension for one week you will get this bundle in Rs:250 or zong give you 3G internet data ( 3k on-net minutes, 3k SMS on all networks and 80 of-net minutes. just dial *70# to get this bundle after subscription useable for 7 days.
  • Haftawar Load Offer
  • Bundle price Rs:250 + tax.
  • Internet data 3GB 4G Speed.
  • 3000 On-net minutes, 3000 SMS, 80 Off-net minutes.
  • Dial *70#
  • Validity 7 days.

Zong Monthly Internet Package

zong offers different bundles for a month. zong monthly net package has high volume buckets for their subscribers. if you want tension free for one month then you really need zong monthly package we can go and subscribe. all details are given down to check all package instructions and subscribe to them.

  1. Zong Monthly Mini
  2. Zong Monthly Basic
  3. Zong Monthly Premium 3GB
  4. Zong Monthly Premium 30GB
  5. Zong Super Card
  6. Zong 4G Device Packages

Zong Monthly Mini 150 Internet Package

can you budget is low then zong monthly mini package is for you. this bundle price is Rs:50 and you will get 150MB data if you want to subscribe to this package just dial *6464# and press 4 to get this package.
  • Monthly Mini 150
  • Offer price Rs:50 + tax.
  • Volume 150MB.
  • Freebies N/A
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Dial *6464# then press 4.
  • Automatically expires.

Zong Monthly Basic 500 Internet Package

can your internet need is low and want to use basic then this package is for you to activate then. this bundle price is Rs:150 and you will get 500MB internet data if you want to subscribe to this offer just dial *6464# and then press 4.
  • Monthly Basic 500
  • Package Price Rs:150 + tax.
  • Volume 500MB.
  • Freebies N/A
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Dial *6464# and press 4.
  • Automatically expires.

Zong Monthly Premium 3GB Internet Package

zong monthly premium 3GB 4G speed is only just Rs:300 + tax. you will get only internet not any other things dial *6464# to activate this bundle.
  • Monthly Premium 3GB
  • Package price Rs 300 + tax.
  • Internet data 3GB 4G speed.
  • Freebies N/A
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Dial *6464#
  • Automatically expires.

Zong Monthly Premium 30GB Internet Package

so if you are a single person who uses the internet then zong monthly premium 30GB is for you. you need is some basic then 30GB is too good to activate them if daily you use 1GB then you can completely use 30 days. this bundle price is Rs:750 just dial *6464# to activate this bundle
  • Monthly Premium 30GB
  • Package Price Rs:750 + tax.
  • Volume Data 30GB 3G/4G speed.
  • 15GB for TikTok + YouTube Videos.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Dial *6464# to subscribe.

Zong Super Card

so zong super card price is Rs:650 then you will get 2.5GB net, 2.5K SMS on all networks, 150 off-net minutes, 1GB youtube and free Whatsapp for 30 days. you can buy zong super card form shop and if you have balance in your sim then dial *50# to activate this bundle.
  • Zong Super Card
  • Package price is Rs:650 + tax.
  • Internet volume 2500MB
  • 2500 On-net minutes, 2500 SMS, 150 Off-net minutes
  • Free WhatsApp
  • 1GB YouTube
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Dial *50#
  • Automatically expires

Zong 4G Device Packages

zong bolt packages have many different offers for 1 month, so this zong mbb package is only for the device if you try to insert the sim in your mobile maybe the internet not run properly because you are activated zong 4g device packages then you must-have device to use a net. zong Evo packages are listed in the table.

Monthly PackagesRs. 1,80030GB1 Month
Rs. 2,00060GB1 Month
Rs. 2,500150 GB (Inc. 75GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM)1 Month
Rs. 3,250200 GB (Inc. 100GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM) 1 Month
3 Months PackagesRs. 5,50060GB/Month3 Months
6 Month PackagesRs. 12,000100 GB (Inc. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ Month6 Months
12 Months PackagesRs. 22,000100 GB (Inc. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ Month 12 Months
MBB Add OnsRs. 4505GB/MonthAs per Bundle
MBB Good Night OfferRs. 2301GB/Day from 01:00am to 09:00am01:00am to 09:00am
ACTIVATION/DEACTIVATION310 Helpline*310#*6767#



zong 4G Bolt Huawei wingle devices and USB port devices so zong have two types of devices charging devices and USB. charging device is some expansive and chargeable and USB device you can connect them Laptop, Pc, USB plug etc and enjoy 4G LTE network blazing speed.
  • Enjoy unmatched 4G (LTE) speeds
  • users protection with password
  • Plug & play
  • Connects to any USB power

Zong Wingle Features

  • 4G supers fast speed internet device in Pakistan enjoys up to 150 Mbps internet speed with zong bolt wingle.
  • you can use any password on your zong device and protect your internet using form unknown peoples.
  • Just plug your device to any USB port not need to install any software on your device start enjoying after plugin in a few minutes.
  • You can connect up to ten devices to your zong wingle and enjoy at a time on 10 devices, LTE/3G/4G
  • Micro SD card option available in zong wingle you can insert your memory card
  • Supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5 MHz bands.

Zong Wingle Price

DEVICE                                    Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei)

PRICE                                       Rs. 3,000

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