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How to Make your Monday’s Less Stressful and Productive?

Mondays are dreadful; we all wish to escape them so we can have a shorter and less stressful week. But is that possible? No, we can’t skip Mondays because our week starts from there and it’s the most tiring day of the week where you have felt like you have the whole week to go, you’ll need to manage the work pressure and also look over the incomplete work of Friday.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there must be a burden of tasks to be reviewed by you on Monday; it’s also the day of team meetings, tsk distributions, and planning your whole week. That’s why it’s the most important day of the week. There’s no sign of skipping Mondays, but what we can do is to make our Monday less stressful and productive by following some of these simple ways.

Let’s start knowing what these tips are:

Plan your Monday

If you leave a lot of work on Friday undone, you’ll have a lot to do on Monday. So, tip#1 is to never leave work on Friday, and in the last hour of Friday, plan your Monday schedule. Take help from free task management tools like TaskQue and assign all your Monday tasks to it.
If you tackle a team, they also distribute their tasks and know what they are up to. Prior planning is important to make your Monday stress free and productive. If you don’t get time on Friday, then take out some minutes on Sunday to plan the next day. If you have a client meeting on Monday, then also put it down on your to-do list to make sure that you don’t forget and stay on top of your weekly tasks.

Limit your Meetings

Monday is also called the meeting day because you have to attend the meeting with your client, your project members and also communicate the progress to your manager. These meetings can take up your whole day and leave no time for the remaining tasks for which you need the time to think and apply.
Know that Monday is the start of the week, and when you join your office after the weekend, you come fresh and energetic. If you spend the start of the day attending meetings, you can miss your productive hours, so speak with your team members and discuss the importance of productive hours.
Come back with a solution of dedicating these productive hours to reaching the deadlines or managing the challenging tasks first. This will let you and your team do more and make the most of your time.

Shift the Tasks

If you dread Mondays because you have a list of difficult tasks on that day, then you need to sit with your boss and explain to him. You can make your Monday less stressful by shifting your difficult tasks to the next day of the week because we also fear Mondays because of the lists of tasks we need to manage on that day. So, by having a healthy discussion with your boss, you can ask him to shift the tasks because when you have less to do on Monday, you’ll feel relaxed on Sunday instead of scary feelings.

Keep Yourself Motivated

By following common leadership styles, you can keep yourself motivated for Monday, such as rewarding yourself for achieving the first task on Monday, doing brainstorming sessions with your team, and planning something great to reach your deadlines early.
You can also use the Kanban Board technique to plan your Monday and have a clear picture of the tasks you’ll need to do for the whole week. You can also motivate yourself with a team lunch outside the office. When the team lunch lures you, you can give your best to work. You’ll feel excited about Monday, and also you can wind up your task soon. Scheduling a lunch on Monday can end up making your day productive, try it.
So, after following these tips, you won’t only be excited to resume working on Monday but will also be happy to meet your team.
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