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John Callahan Actor Dies at 66 Longtime soap opera actor

John Callahan Actor, known for playing Edmund Grey on {All My Children} and also starring on other soaps including “Days of Our Lives,” “Falcon Crest” and “Santa Barbara” has died. He was 66.
Former wife and former “All My Children” co-star Eva Lau announced her death on her social media account Saturday. The two, who play the role of a married couple on the show, shared a daughter, Kaya,

My dear friend, angels fly to your comfort. Your great, great personality from life will leave a hole in our hearts forever. We are devastated – my great friend, co-parent and fellow father-loving father, “he wrote on Instagram.” Kaya and I are broken, so shocked, so sorry that my thoughts are messed up. “It was a good written tribute, I am a complete waste of words “

John Callahan Biography

John Callahan (born 23 December 1953) is an American actor best known for his work as Edmund Gray in the soap opera All My Children. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. His work on the soap has been around for more than twenty years (including Sticken on Falcon Crest and Santa Barbara), the role of Edmund which earned him great fame and perseverance. That 1992
Edmund played the role of All My Children in 2005 when Edmund was controversially killed. His death caused a riot, the main reason being that another tie was cut from All Children’s History. From 2008 to 2010, He played the role of Dr. Baker, OB, on the day of our lives. In 1997 with former co-star Esta Terblanche. He played the role of All My Children in an episode of the sitcom Spin City called Mike Life, a soap opera. Callahan had a set romance with AMC co-star Eva LaRue, As a result, Edmund’s wife, a doctor, lived for seven years. Maria Santos Gray played the role. General Chat Chat Lounge The popularity of super duo Edmund and Maria hosted both Miss America’s Spectator and Lifetime Lifetime Weddings. November 30, In 1996, they performed three wedding ceremonies at soap operas, with real-life weddings in the island of Lai, Hawaii. They have a daughter, Kaya McKenna, who was born in 2001. It was the second marriage of the two and they have divorced. Calhoun first married Linda Freeman in 1982–1994, And there are two stages to the union. The Klan appeared on the television game show Twenty Two as a celebrity panel in the 1990s.


Intro American actor
Is Actor
Form United States of America
Type Film, Television, Stage and Radio
Gender Male
Birth 23 December 1953, Brooklyn
Age 66 Years Old
Family Spouse:Eva LaRue
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