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8 Best and Top Kodi Alternatives Free to Use

Kodi Alternatives if you are a lover of Kodi but unable to view this then today i am sharing with you the top list of Kodi Alternatives.
all of the features are available in these websites i hope you enjoy and like this website then go begin to start the talk and explain about this list
the alternatives of Kodi provide you with the same things like Kodi, shows, streaming movies, series and more, etc.
Ideal Sentence: Robots.net has mentioned that Kodi and it’s alternatives are sure to take over as the main entertainment provider as watch-on-demand streaming has become more used than satellite and cable TV.

Kodi Alternatives List

Kodi is a media tool and this tool gives you many features to enjoy this but today i am going to share with you alternative of Kodi Media.

every media have some different features and come with awesome cool features

Kodi is not one of the media services. also, Kodi alternative media is available and they come with some extra and different features. you can stream them as Kodi alternatives

1: Universal Media Server

if you are searching for super and some extra features media then this media is best for you to calling this  Universal Media Server.
if you are using a gaming console, mobile phone or tv then this media is best for you and it,s work will all you can use this as a website even if you don,t have DLNA Device you can use it as a web
Universal Media Server interface is so simple. this supports a wide rand of series formats and it,s provided you can feature with this feature you can auto adjustments. best developers team make this toll and continuously provided new content and gives updates

2: Media Portal

Media Portal is a big media and open-source this tool makes for you with this you can convert your computer into a media. you can connect this with your DVD player, tv, blue-ray, projectors, and such different devices it designed user-friendly. at this time it,s available only on windows even on moderately equipped devices
Media Portal service is available in different versions and call them media player 1 and media player 2 and version 2 the owner add some extra features for user better experience
with Media Portal, you can watch movies, live shows, tv and many more, etc.

3: Plex

Plex allows you all of the media you can watch it on all your devices central server location.
with Plex, you can create your own playlist mean your media server
this website have big user database and it safe from virus and malware you can use this without any tension and problem
The plex design is so simple. plex is supported on many platforms including amazon fire tv, pc, android mobiles, android tv boxes, and many more, etc. the best part of this no need to connect with the same wireless network.
user can access the server form global the world just want any of internet connection

4: Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a big web and biggest alternative website. with this, you can watch unlimited programs and series, tv shows, latest movies, popcorn times available on android tv ad android phone devices, windows computer, mac, and ios, etc. the best think of this you can download window app form popcorn official website
i recommend you used VPN with this popcorn time is a third party service provider. it,s noticing your activities on their website.
it,s not available in all of the countries just connect VPN to use it without any problem

5: Stremio

Stremio is the biggest alternative of Kodi. this is available across-platform you can watch live tv shows, movies, tv live and many more, etc. Stremio is so friendly you can use it without any problem
Stremio supports streaming videos and utility addons and also unofficial videos available. Stremio is not installed locally
addons on Sremio installed on only in your account
the best part of you don,t need to install in all of the devices just need the same account for other devices it automatic install available if you login with the same account to other devices

6: Emby

Emby is a simple media web is available on a browser and Emby has many features its only available limited features.
but Emby always trying to update their services and now Emby comes with the latest version you can do folder sync or cloud sync.
Emby can detect the DLNA device or parental control. you can use your media anywhere because Emby has a lot of features
you can access your media from anywhere Emby has many applications
Emby has available on  Tv apps, Mobile phone applications, Emby Server
or server is available for Linux, Mac or Windows

7: Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is another popular network this network has the biggest user database and you can watch tv shows, the latest movies, and more, etc.
Terrarium TV gives you the option to download your favourite program in your device storage and you can stream in full HD 1080p free of cost!
special thing if you want to hide your data you need to connect VPN then use it because its content streamed from google drive and many more google service and an additional layer media browsing

8: Infuse

Infuse overall great application for watching a video. you can watch movies,  tv shows, animation shows etc more
infuse support subtitles you can easily play it with the media server
infuse application designed is soo good it,s user-friendly you can use them without any problem or infuse offers you many additional features that the other don,t have it.
it,s providing you many formats


here i am sharing with you best Kodi alternative you can use them without any risk what you looking, for it,s available in Kodi Alternative list
i am just sharing with you this list we are not violating any policy and it,s not a promotion we just have written a good article about the Kodi Alternatives
if you facing any problem feel free to comment and contact us we will response you in just 48 hours
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