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Payoneer To JazzCash Withdraw Your Funds Directly to JazzCash

After a big problem, Payoneer and JazzCash decided to team up for freelancers in Pakistan now you can withdraw your funds in Pakistan. Pick up your Payoneer funds directly in a jazz cash account only in one minute without any extra fee get your payments from Payoneer to JazzCash account.

Withdraw your funds in Jazzcash

if you are a freelancer and want your money without any problems, just download smart jazz cash mobile application and open your account, after that just link your Payoneer account with jazz cash and received instant payment with current currency exchange rates.
funds form Payoneer instantly received in your freelancer mobile account. after receiving your funds you can pay utility bills, purchase mobile packages, pay internet bills, etc, or withdraw your funds just visiting your near jazz cash agents shops.
don,t worry no need to pay any extra charges when you withdraw your money some short payment cut form your Payoneer.

How much payment need to Withdraw from Payoneer to JazzCash

Minimum Withdrawal amount of $1 if you have only 1$ in Payoneer you can withdraw your funds in a jazz cash mobile account.
Real-Time Transfers
Payoneer Funds received instantly
Good Exchange Rate
you can get better exchange rates for Payoneer withdraws
1$ amount Minimum Withdrawal
you can withdraw 1$ form Payoneer to JC Account
Receive Rs-2 Airtime on every $ transaction
rewarded for you for every withdraw in your JC Account
2 Free Cash Withdrawals
Freelancers Account Holders can get 2 free ATM cash withdrawal


How to Link Jazzcash Account to Payoneer

it,s so simple to connect your jazz cash with Payoneer. down below i give you some guides just follow them and link your account now.
Note: if you have an old version of jazz cash application so plz go to Playstore and update your JazzCash app and then you can see Payoneer option in your account
Payoneer To JazzCash
Step1: in the jazz cash app homepage you see Payoneer click on it.
Step2: then click on link account button and now automatically
you go to the Payoneer website homepage
Step3: now use your personal Payoneer login information ( Password and username)
to link your account.

if your account successfully links with Payoneer then you received a popup notification from JazzCash Application. Hurry! now you are ready to withdraw your funds.
also, i withdraw my funds with this method prove added

Payoneer To JazzCash
so the end of the article i hope our article is helpful for you if you have any questions or other problems just leave down comment i will reply to you. also, remember our website name iAMHJA for futures
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