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Tips for creating a powerful SEO program during COVID-19

Outbreaks of coronaviruses now affect almost every aspect of everyone’s life, which brands have to take into account when communicating with the public. If agents want to maintain positive relationships with their customers, they must also be aware of their strategy and communication.

Local businesses know more than any other model what it means to be fully involved in community life. They are amazing, they serve, inspire and preserve the people and traditions that make your city a unique and delightful hometown.
SEO tips can bring changes to your business in the coming weeks, innovative support resources, and the close-knit community advice on some of the best local SEOs in the world.

Follow all regulations

Major and leading, check local and national news daily to make sure you comply with changing regulations in cities, counties and republics. The strategies to mitigate the dangers of COVID-19 vary by region. Your company must always know what type of service you can provide in this dynamic situation.
And although social media can be an important contact in your community at any time, you should beware of misinformation and fraud in the next few days. Receive messages from trusted sources. If you are unsure of how to interpret the guide, contact the local authorities directly.


Whether it’s a local service or an important service, the best thing a local business can do now is to provide accurate information to their community. There are three important places for this:

Google My Business

Local businesses know that Google acts as an intermediary between brands and the public. This is still the case in this difficult time, but Google’s local products are not fully functional. There are four fields in which you can communicate current information with your customers.


With Google, companies can edit their company name fields to indicate that they offer breakdown services, takeaways, and delivery services.

Phone number

If the regulations restrict you at home but you still want customers to be able to contact you from home or your mobile phone for information, update your answering machine to reflect the changes and edit your phone number to the corresponding new number.

Business hours

Discussions are ongoing about how best to show that your company has no or limited new opening hours. This option is particularly useful for companies with multiple locations that can set special times using the API.
Although social security networks vary widely from country to country, you should seek and use support for your business to stay as operational as possible during a pandemic.
If your company meets local, state, or federal regulations and is considered “essential” to continue working, various business models can adapt to the current situation in the following ways:

  • Some health appointments can be processed by phone or virtual conference, while some medical facilities offer driving trials.
  • Roadside trains, delivery, and pickup allow some brands to offer their customers takeaway meals, groceries, recipes, and other necessities.
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores without built-in delivery fleets register for this service with third parties.
  • Farms and ranches can offer street vendors an honor system that allows customers to get fresh produce, dairy, and meat at reasonable social distances.
  • Organizations that care for vulnerable people, banks, laundry, and fuel can implement and communicate the additional steps they take to comply with hygiene guidelines for the safety of customers and employees.
  • Brands and organizations that donate goods and services to meet basic needs also play an active role in helping the community.

Rate e-commerce

If your local business website already contains e-commerce components, you will need to set up a location in many steps to continue selling through shipping. If you haven’t implemented any form of online sales, check the following options:

  • If you have a credit card processor, the simplest solution is to take orders over the phone and then send them out for roadside pickup or delivery.
  • If you don’t have credit card processing services, PayPal bills can work if necessary.

Understand the role of SEO in marketing in fast-changing times

Significant changes in economic behavior will result in companies paying attention to overall performance and budgets in the coming months. Although it is currently difficult for companies to predict how long COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the economy, they should be aware of how SEO fits into short-term and long-term marketing strategies to understand how effective the SEO planning period.

Unlike most paid channels, SEO often cannot immediately shift short-term priorities to natural search. Given the current economic uncertainty in many companies and industries, the long-term nature of SEO should be considered when evaluating payment and natural marketing priorities over the coming months.

Although marketing channels may need to respond in real-time in the short term due to the impact of COVID-19, the long-term organic nature of SEO should be considered when evaluating marketing priorities with Colorado SEO company. Assess your paid and natural coverage over the next few months to see how you can balance the two across your marketing strategy as COVID-19 affects your business. Prioritize content plans for top / intermediate channels based on changes in consumer spending

Plan a comprehensive digital transformation to prove your company’s future

Currently, the main impact of COVID-19 on the world is social interaction and its impact on the normal life of businesses and people.

In the near future, physical locations will be decommissioned, supply chains will be disrupted and our general skills in everyday life will be severely affected. Another potential impact of COVID-19 will be to accelerate the digital transformation of companies evaluating their products and services. Due to COVID-19, the conference switched to digital video streaming, film companies released new films on demand to provide streaming services, and many other companies had to reevaluate how to attract customers during social alienation.

In order to best prepare for the future and lay the foundation for future protection from other potential emergencies, brands should understand the impact of COVID-19 to be able to accelerate their digital transformation to ensure long-term corporate health. Think about how your brand will digitize your products and services to meet potential emergencies while adapting to future trends.

Adapting content strategies to the “new normal”

Companies should first be aware of the direct impact on their respective brands and industries in order to tailor their messages specifically to COVID-19. In addition, brands should consider the following areas and “new norms” that can affect COVID-19 and can impact content strategies in many different industries:

Consider a dedicated coronavirus site. If your company is considered to be materially or significantly affected by COVID-19, you should create a dedicated page to capture all relevant coronavirus traffic and the key to effectively linking it to your website.

Develop more videos and YouTube content – Users want to spend more time watching YouTube and other streaming services at home. Therefore, consider developing more relevant video content to attract users. Use SEO reseller insights to promote video themes and remember that you can create popular / mid-end channel themes for your videos.

Make sure the FAQ content has been updated properly. Rate your customer service and FAQ pages to see if certain languages ​​should be updated or if new Corona Virus FAQs should be added Pay attention to possible changes in SERPs and Google algorithms. During this time, companies and industries that count as YMYL (your money, your life), such as health and financial companies, can experience significant changes and organic changes in SERPS.

Brands in these areas should take this into account when developing content with ghostwriting services and monitoring effects.

Impact on technical SEO and website development

Given that SEO is very implementation-dependent, special attention must be paid to the ability of a company to carry out the necessary technology updates at short notice. With the interruption of COVID-19, companies may not have the appropriate typical development structures and processes to address potential short-term challenges.

Prioritize known bugs and monitor the condition of the site closely. Prioritize performance-related bugs versus implementing new features with limited development resources. Monitor closely whether search engines crawl, index, render, and rate your website to identify potential problems.

Use the new coronavirus architecture tag – For companies that may be directly affected by a coronavirus, you should implement the newly announced architecture attributes for coronavirus.

Data and analysis

As already mentioned, COVID-19 has a direct impact on company data and analysis. When monitoring natural searches, brands should consider the following areas of data and analysis:

  • Sessions and impressions may decrease, but if the ranking is maintained, the decrease may be due to the impact of COVID-19 on search interest
  • Sessions and impressions may stay the same, but a decrease in conversions may indicate that users are still interested in your business but are not yet ready to convert
  • The average search volume (as a key metric for keyword research) is significantly affected because changes in the search volume have a short-term impact on the search volume over time.
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